Греческие вина


"DAFNIOS" Красное Douloufakis 2016

DAFNES – Наименование Места Происхождения Товара

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DAFNIOS Красное Сухое вино


“Dáfnios”, от имени нашей деревне, Dafnes.


Liatiko очарует любителя вин, который в поиске обнаружит и сможет насладиться этим традиционным и редким вином.


Dafnes, Крит, высота 350 метров. Местный сорт "Liatiko" в основном встречается в Dafnes и предлагает сухие вина, но и сладкие, высохшие на солнце вина.


Liatiko 100%


Классическое для красных вин с экстрагированием в течение 5–6 дней.


Вино созревает во французских дубовых бочках (1.5t & 3t) 12 месяцев и затем бутилируется


8 лет


Сервируется до температуры 18 ⁰С.
Отлично сочетается с красным мясом, легкие соусы и желтый сыр.


Цвет живой красный. Характерный аромат полностью созревших фруктов. Бархатный вкус, мягкий и сбалансированный.


750ml, 1.5lt & 3lt

Douloufakis Dafnios Red Awards & Tasting Notes

Dafnios Red Awards

Year Country Competition/Degustation Vintage Distinction
2019 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2017 Bronze medal
2018 France Tasted 100% Blind - Andreas Larsson 2016 89/100
2018 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2016 Silver medal
2017 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2015 90/100
2017 U.K. Decanter 2015 Silver medal
2017 U.S.A. TEXSOM 2015 Silver medal
2016 U.S.A. TEXSOM 2014 Bronze medal
2016 Japan Sakura 2012 Silver medal
2015 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2013 89/100
2015 France Tasted 100% Blind - Andreas Larsson 2013 86/100
2014 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2011 88/100
2012 U.S.A. Wine Advocate - Mark Squires 2010 88/100
2008 Belgium Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2007 Silver medal
2007 France Challenge International du Vin 2006 Bronze medal

Dafnios Red Tasting Notes

Tasted in Country Tasted by Published on Vintage Wine tasting notes
2018 France Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of The World 2007 www.blindtasted.com 2016 Light red ruby colour. Sweet nose of red berries, plum and mild spices with modest oak. Medium weight palate, nice red fruit, digest with good extract, a fresh backbone and a rather long savoury finish.
2017 U.K. International Wine Competition www.decanter.com 2015 This is an outstanding Liatiko with a complex nose of cherries, leather and savoury notes. Refined, almost silky on palate.
2015 France Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of The World 2007 www.blindtasted.com 2013 Medium deep ruby red. Intense nose with ripe sweet fruit, some earthy and leathery notes. Fresh palate with medium weight and a rounded texture, sweet red berry fruit, mild spices and a medium to long finish.
2015 France Markus Del Monego MW, Best Sommelier of The World 1998 www.blindtasted.com 2013 Dark garnet red colour with almost black centre. Well structured nose with slightly balmy character. On the palate firm tannins with a slightly dry finish, restrained fruit and hints of mild spices.
2015 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist www.robertparker.com 2013 The 2013 Liatiko Dafnios is all Liatiko, a red grape indigenous to Crete and sourced from vines approximately 30 years old. It was aged for nine months in a mixture of used French oak (80%) and stainless steel (20%). Fresh and pure, this features, sappy, up-front fruit flavor with a nod to Beaujolais, but it also adds a fresh and vibrant feel with mild tannins, some persistence on the finish and a bright personality. It is a lovely red that can and should be chilled down a bit (around 60F works well) and drunk as an uncomplicated sipper. In the short-run, it merely seems ridiculously delicious, yet never cloying and always elegant. Is it worth leaning up for that? If you want thick, rich and powerful, you'll say no. Otherwise, you might think this is one of the nicest values here for an elegant and easy sipper. It may not last long at peak, but it will be an enormous crowd-pleaser. This might hold better than I think, but I do believe it is best drunk young. After that, we'll see where we are when we get there.
2014 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist www.robertparker.com 2011 The 2011 Liatiko Dafnios is very graceful with sensual texture. For all of its fruit forward demeanor and elegant feel, it has a certain steely note to it as it airs out that I appreciated. There isn't much concentration here, but it does have some structure, reasonable acidity and ripe tannins. It finishes with juicy fruit laced with a bit of a bitter chocolate nuance. It is a lot of fun. I liked this much better with 30 minutes of air and some coolness. At that point it began to grow on me, demonstrating a bit more substance than I originally thought it had. Drink it on the young side, but it should hold nicely for a few years. Drink now-2019.
2012 U.S.A. Mark Squires, Wine Journalist www.robertparker.com 2010 The 2010 Liatiko “Dafnios” is all Liatiko, an indigenous Cretan grape, that is oak aged for 9 months according to the winery’s data. It seemed slightly creamy on opening, which is odd because it is anything but. That changed pretty fast. It has a rich fruit nuance and came around nicely in the glass, showing better structure and more purity of fruit, without any cloying traces, losing all the creamy hints. It is pretty sexy in some respects given its fine aromatics and intense fruit flavor, but it cuts that with a little steely purity and enough structure to prevent it from being overly one dimensional. Many like their reds in the lower 60 degrees Fahrenheit anyway, but this is certainly something that should not be drunk too warm. This could grow on me. It is awfully tasty and awfully friendly. I will be interested to see how it develops in the cellar and in other vintages. Drink now-2018.

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