Dafnios Red dry wine, vintage 2015

Dafnios Red dry wine, vintage 2015A dry version of the Liatiko variety, one of the most noble indigenous varieties of the Cretan vineyards. It is extracted and fermented in stainless steel tanks, with 50% being matured for up to 8 months in large French oak barrels and  the remainder matured  for three to four years in 225 ltr  barrels.

Its aroma will surprise with its bouquet of spices, olives, dark rich fruits, and hints of tannin's that will age and mature unfolding  with time, aromas of spices, nuts, raisins and leather.
The colour is a light red with orange hues that is characteristic of this variety. In your first taste you will experience a continuity of the heady bouquet and will find a wine of medium body, good acidity, soft and tasteful tannin's, that make this wine an elegant wine to drink.

This wine could accompany a simple or complex food menu, or, a special relaxing moment.

Dafnios Red Douloufakis will age for about eight years.

Femina White dry wine, vintage 2016

Femina White dry wine, vintage 2016An excellent aromatic food wine, famous during the Venetian Occupation (between the 14th and 16th century AD). It is impressive in its freshness and unique bouquet of aromas. It is exclusively produced from Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, an excellent white grape variety which has achieved more prominence in recent years in Cretan vineyards.

Light golden color, followed by an attractive aroma. The enchanting aroma is reminiscent of lemon blossom, jasmine and some exotic fruits like passion fruits or mangoes. Dry flavour, with a refreshing acidity. Pleasant and long lasting aftertaste.

Should be served between 9-10°C and due to its special aromatic personality, it pairs well with fish dishes like bass with fennel bulb or bream stuffed with aromatic herbs. You can also combine it with asparagus omelette. It is an asset to Asian cuisine, sweet and sour dishes and is also unforgettable with sushi. Lastly, not forgetting our beloved Cretan dishes, fresh broad beans with artichokes and aromatic herbs are nicely accompanied with a glass of Femina wine.

Femina Douloufakis will age for up to four years.This wine will age for up to four years.


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