2016 - New Release: Sparkling wine from Douloufakis

Sparkling wine Douloufakis from Vidiano grapes

A brand new Sparking Wine has been added to the range of wines already produced by our winery.

The wine is produced from 100% Vidiano grapes, which have, in recent years achieved recognition and appreciation by lovers of fine wines the world over. This is the first sparkling wine ever produced by our winery from this grape and by “Méthode Traditionnelle”.

The wine is produced strictly and exclusively by the traditional method used for Champagne in north-eastern France, and it has allowed us to achieve an elegant sophisticated and high quality sparkling wine which we are proud to add to our range.

Sparkling wines have over the last few years gained recognition for quality, and in doing so, gained much popularity not only in Greece but also worldwide.

More details about Douloufakis Sparkling wine here.

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