2014 - Harvest 2014
Although this report is late, this year’s harvest was an excellent one. The weather conditions in our area were ideal. A rainy winter followed by a warm balmy spring, ideal for early growth in the vines. In early June we had more rain which also helped the growth in the vines and the grapes.

During the summer months the temperatures were mild with continuous northern breezes cooling the island of Crete.
 There were a number of hot days when our temperatures reached 35-39 degrees centigrade, but due to controlled watering the grapes were protected and nurtured.

The grape harvesting commenced on the 16th of August with the Chardonnay, and continued into September. Although there were spells of intermittent rain, neither the collection of the the grapes nor their phenolic maturation were affected at all.
Our harvest finally ended on the 24th of September.
This year’s wines are now safely in the tanks and they are expected to be full-bodied with a rich variety of aromas.

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