Wine Tasting


The art of wine tasting

Wine  tasting is the acquaintance with the wine,  the perception of its character  using our senses. We can say that there are different levels of tasting, according to the purpose of  being made. Thus, in a first level the  interest in tasting  is focused in the enjoyment and pleasure we  can get out of the  wine. Here there are no standards and prevail the personal taste. On another level, tasting attempts to define objective criteria for quality wine. The art of tasting summarises three steps: visual examination,  smell and tasting. The tasting process is not complicated but requires immense experience and knowledge of the wine world.

This tasting is  performed  by professional tasters who try to describe a wine by its composition, analysing and judging the basic properties: Appearance, aromas, flavour, emphasizing the qualities or defects of wine. The opinion of these testers  are valuable in determining the commercial value of wine. Finally,in another level,  the oenologists  by  tasting want  to explain the organoleptic characteristics of wine based on the entire production process, from vine to bottle.

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