"Sparkling" White Douloufakis

BRUT, Méthode Traditionnelle

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SPARKLING White wine Douloufakis


A sparkling white wine, which comes from Vidiano grapes. This is an excellent Cretan variety that gives us high quality dry wines. The sparkling white wine is produced from 100% Vidiano, vintage 2015, and it has added another tasting dimension to this variety.


The vineyard is located in the area of Dafnes, near Heraklion (Crete), at an altitude of 550 meters; the soil is loamy, with fine gravel and calcium content.


The initial classic white wine was aimed to make a base wine suitable for producing sparkling wine by the Méthode Champenoise. High acidity, low PH {to withstand ageing}, which produced a neutral aromatic profile and strong body. Then, a second fermentation in the bottle followed, and wine remained on lees {sur lies fines} for 24 months.
Disgorging was completed in May 2018 by selecting a liqueur d`expedition to give us a brut wine.


Alcohol: 12,4% vol
Residual sugar: 4 gr/lt
Total acidity: 6,8 gr/lt
Total Sulfur: 90 mg/lt


750ml, 1.5lt & 3lt


Suggested ageing: four years.


The wine is almost straw-like in colour, and when carefully poured, a cascade of silver bubbles will envelop the glass and dance in a sparkling creamy foam, creating a complex aroma, reminiscent of apples, apricots, honey and the wax of bees. It is a vibrant, refreshing, sparkling wine with a long aftertaste.


We recommend placing the wine in an ice bucket for half an hour prior to serving at a temperature of 9-10⁰C. It is a sparkling wine with a range of possibilities: as a simple apéritif on a fine summer’s day or an unexpected celebration, but truly, this wine will come into its own if you team it with food. It would be an excellent companion to oysters, scallops, sushi, mussels or lobster dripping with a bisque sauce. If seafood doesn’t appeal to you, then most chicken dishes would gain from being accompanied by this exciting sparkling wine.


Douloufakis Sparkling White Awards & Tasting Notes

Douloufakis Sparkling White Awards

Year Country Competition/Degustation Vintage Distinction
2019 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2016 Bronze medal
2016 Cyprus Γιάννος Κωνσταντίνου, Οινογράφος - Yiannos Konstantinou, Wine Writer 2013 86/100

Douloufakis Sparkling White Tasting Notes

Tasted in Country Tasted by Published on Vintage Wine tasting notes
2016 Cyprus Γιάννος Κωνσταντίνου, Οινογράφος- Yiannos Konstantinou, Wine Writer 2013 Μετά τον τιμιότατο Κρητικό, καμωμένο από τις ποικιλίες Βηλάνα, Πλυτό και Δαφνί, ήρθε σήμερα να προστεθεί στις προτάσεις μου ένα ακόμη λευκό, αφρώδες αυτή τη φορά, από την ηρωική πάλι Κρήτη. Το ξηρό αφρώδες του οινοποιείου Δουλουφάκης, από τον τρύγο του 2013, φτιαγμένο αποκλειστικά από σταφύλια ενός ακόμη ποικιλιακού αστέρα του νησιού, που δεν είναι άλλος από το Βιδιανό. Οινοποιημένο με την παραδοσιακή μέθοδο της ζύμωσης στη φιάλη, το Αφρώδες του Δουλουφάκη είναι, κοντολογίς, το καλύτερο κρασί της κατηγορίας που παράγεται αυτή τη στιγμή σε ολόκληρη την Ελλάδα. Πλούσιο και φίνο στη μύτη, με καθάρια αρώματα κόρας ψωμιού, βουτύρου, ξηρών καρπών και κίτρινων φρούτων. Εκφραστικό γευστικά, με ισορροπημένη την παρουσία του ανθρακικού και μια οξύτητα που ανεβάζει το σύνολο, είναι ένα αφρώδες εφάμιλλο μιας καλής αχρονολόγητης σαμπάνιας. Θερμά συγχαρητήρια στον παραγωγό. Πιείτε το μέχρι το 2020.
2016 U.K. Γιάννης Καρακάσης (Yannis Karakasis), MW 2013 Aiming at exploring the high potential of the Vidiano variety, Douloufakis goes one step further by releasing a sparkling methode tradionnelle vintage 2013 version, with two years on the lees which is one of the longest maturation periods a Greek sparkling wine has seen. Fruit was sourced from vineyards at 600 m that possessed the desired nature for sparkling wine production, it was disgorged in May 2016 and released few days ago at a domestic retail price of 16.75 euros. With this effort Douloufakis tries to find a fine line between the floral character of the variety and the toasty notes released by autolysis. The result taking into consideration it is the first vintage is just outstanding. Tight nose opening up revealing a stone fruit core along floral, spa -like notes with evident autolytic yeasty aromas. Medium bodied with fine mousse on the palate balancing fine the fruity with the brioche like flavours, finishes very pure and clean. Ambitious for the next 5-8 years. Roast chicken, pork, lime grilled prawns will do the match. So it is three out of three for Douloufakis and Vidiano, and that makes me curious what will be next...

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SPARKLING White Wine Douloufakis

A sparkling white wine, which comes from Vidiano grapes. This is an excellent Cretan variety that has been gving us high quality...


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