"Alargo" Assyrtiko Douloufakis 2017

Protected Geographical Indication "CRETE"

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ALARGO White Dry wine

"Alárgo" means "far away" and the label illustrates a silhouette of a Cretan man looking at his homeland.


From Assyrtiko 100% which is the most famous Greek variety and intertwined with Santorini island. It was challenge for the winemaker; what will be the character of the wine and how this variety will be cultivated in Crete. Finally, we think that this variety really expresses its typical features at the vineyards of Dafnes, which are high acidity combined with mineral and metallic notes.

In the area of Dafnes, near Heraklion (Crete), at 350 meters above sea level.


Classic white vinification with fermentation in stainless steel tanks, at a low temperature (18°C). It was aged for 1 year in bottle.


Alcohol: 13,83% vol
Residual sugars: 1,8 gr/lt
Total acidity: 7,4 gr/lt
Total Sulfur: 115 mg/lt




It can aged for up to 5 years. It has a very interesting evolution over time. Fresh citrus flavors morph into different and complex such as roasted nuts, toasted bread, earthy and metallic aromas.


White-yellow color and soft citrus aromas. It has a mineral taste which is the characteristic feature of the variety. Its high acidity balances with its full body.

Should be served cool, at 10°C, and would make an ideal companion to fish food.


Alargo white Douloufakis, Awards

Alalrgo White Awards

Year Country Competition/Degustation Vintage Distinction
2018 Greece Thessaloniki I.W.S.C. 2016 Silver medal


Vinification or winemaking  is  the process  that leads from grape to wine.


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