Greek (Cretan) grape varieties - Grapes grown in Crete, Greece

Greek Grape varieties

Making a quick reference about the grapes for wine making, we would say that they have tougher skin and juicy flesh in contrast to table grapes that have thin skin and crisp flesh. In the skin are the aromatic compounds and the pigments of red grapes (anthocyanins) and tannins.

The main grape sugar are glucose and fructose. The main acid in grapes is tartaric. The sugar and acids are important in oenology because they determine the balance of wine flavour. The content of these substances depends each time on the variety, the subsoil, the climate as well as the ripening time of the grapes. There are many native Cretan-Greek grape varieties.

Overall, there are more than 300 valuable native greek grape varieties that produce wines of different character. Each wine has its own personality which depends on the geological history of the place of production, of the vineyards evolution as well as of the people who grow, their tradition and culture.

In our vineyards we cultivate International, Greek and Cretan grape varieties.