Dafnes of Heraklion, a village with tradition in viticulture


The village Dafnes is very old, probably of the  11th century. Located south of Heraklion in a distance of 18 km and an altitude of 320 meters. It is one of the many  villages in the prefecture of Heraklion and has a population of about 1,500 inhabitants.

Remarkable is  the organization of important events in the village every year (wine festival, theatrical performances, tastings, traditional food, etc.). there are also many folk musicians in the village,  contributing their own way in preserving the musical tradition.

Dafnes Heraklion

Main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture. In Dafnes now are grown sultana 3.500 acres, 1.000 acres of vines for wine that  produce 2.000 tons of wine annually. In the village there are around 70 traditional  distilleries that produce the traditional alcoholic beverage “Raki”.

As we can find in historical  documents, the famous wine from Dafnes has  been known since 1271.  This product has been and continues to be one of the main products of the village. Dafnes besides the name of the village is an indication of origin as well.

All the wines that are produced from the variety Liatiko, in the region of Dafnes with specific vinification method are indicated as “DAFNES  Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)”.

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