Cretan wine - Wine of Crete


Cretan wine

In Crete there are  substantial vineyards where  native varieties are cultivated such as Vilana, Kotsifali, Mandilari, Liatiko, Vidiano, Malvasia, Plyto, Thrapsathiri. International varieties are also grown such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon BlancCabernet Sauvignon and  Syrah. The island has four Protected Designations of Origin for Cretan wine: Peza, Archanes, Dafnes and Sitia.

Nowadays, Cretan wine has earned and continues to gain the attention and the  preference of wine lovers.

The number of local varieties, the diversity and uniqueness of different regions along with the great tradition of the Cretan people in wine are the base for the quality wine of Crete and its continuing upward trend.

Cretan grape variety Vidiano

Cretan indigenous variety, revived due to the restless efforts of young winemakers. It is cultivated mainly in the area of Heraklion. 


Cretan grape variety Muscat of Spina

It is a clone of Muscat that gets its name from the community of the Spina in Chania.


EPOCH White Medium Sweet wine

A pleasant medium sweet wine with fruity character.


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