The wine since ancient years

The history of wine

Ancient Greeks considered wine as an integral part of their lives. Dionysus was the god of wine and feasts were organized in his honour. They had devised many myths associated with wine. The enormous economic importance of wine in ancient times  led to  legislative protection. In the museum of Thassos, there is a law engraved in marble dating back to the  5th century BC which  is considered to be the first wine law and it regulated issues concerning harvest and sales. The earliest written evidence for transporting wine by sea is given by Homer in the Iliad. Ancient Greeks -as  wine lovers- used a wide variety of vessels associated with the use and transfer of wine  such as amphoras, craters, cups, kantharous  etc.

Types of wines

The types of wine are determined by some criteria.


Cretan Wineries (Greece)

Crete has a rich wine tradition and history.


Grape variety Sangiovese in Crete, Greece

Sangiovese is the variety  that adjusts better to warm and dry climate.


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