Wine & Food - The pairing

Wine & Food

The harmonious pairing  of food and wine is  important as it  highlights the flavours and increase  the enjoyment. The combination we  will do, depends mainly on our personal preferences, which take precedence over all rules. However, there is a common sense and a broader acceptance of certain principles.

1. The wine and food in order to be paired  harmoniously should be of similar tasty character. Lightly cooked foods are best suited to "light" wines. Foods cooked with heavy sauces , combined with strong and rich in taste wines.
2. Seafood suits with white wines. The more fat the fish are the more acidity of wines they need.
3. Meats  usually are paired  with red wines. The tannins in red wine balance to the  proteins of red meat. The white meats such as poultry need white or rosé wines.
4. In cheeses we try to match the intensity of flavours as well. So, mild  in flavour cheese combine  with soft wines  and the opposite, intense wines with intense flavour cheeses. Wine serving  is also important and can highlight  the wine  or devalue it. Thus, we must  care  to taste the wines at the right  the temperature or  in the right glass and to  decant aged wines.

Wine tasting

ASPROS LAGOS White Dry wine

A unique white wine 100% made from the excellent Cretan Vidiano variety, planted at the outstanding vineyard...


SPARKLING White Wine Douloufakis

A sparkling white wine, which comes from Vidiano grapes. This is an excellent Cretan variety that has been gving us high quality...


Grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon in Crete, Greece

Cabernet Sauvignon is the undisputed king of red varieties.


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