Greek vineyards in Crete


The soil, the climate, the  variety and man are the  four main determinants of the quality of wine. The vineyard is very essential  for the wine that will be produced.
The issue of finding the ideal spot for each variety concerns  the vine growers from past years. The climate defines as a first estimate the  planting.
The Greek vineyard is characteristic of a large number of micro regions with a particular ecosystem (soil - climate - grape variety). Also rare is the single vineyards in Greece: usually  they are scattered  and  disrupted by other cultures. The smooth  Mediterranean climate of Greece with soft winters and sunny summers varies according to the influence of the nearby mountains or the nearby sea and  gives a unique microclimate  character to the vineyards.

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Greek wine

In Greece there are many wine regions such as the Peloponnese, Crete, Evea, Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace...


Cretan grape variety Mandilari

Mandilari is an ancient  indigenous Cretan variety.


ASPROS LAGOS White Dry wine

A unique white wine 100% made from the excellent Cretan Vidiano variety, planted at the outstanding vineyard...


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