This summer we have welcomed with great pleasure many visitors to our winery. There have been groups of friends, families, and many tourists from other countries, all of them with a common bond; a love and an interest in good wines.
They come here to Dafnes to see where our wines are made, this we achieve with a guided tour, how they are made, and finally to taste and discuss the new vintages.

Greek Vineyards

The soil, the climate, the  variety and man are the  four main determinants of the quality of wine. The vineyard is very essential  for the wine that will be produced.


Grape variety Sangiovese in Crete, Greece

Sangiovese is the variety  that adjusts better to warm and dry climate.


Recipe: Fried smelt and squid

Combines well with Douloufakis "Enotria" White dry wine.


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