We participated for second time in Interwine exhibition, which took place in Guangzhou China,from 12 to 14 of November 2012.
It is important for us to be in Asia, especially the emerging market of the Chinese mainland. This fair provides a great opportunity for people to get to know our brand.
Ιt is necessary that we have space here to tell chinese customers about the characteristics of our wines.
Here at this fair we’ve already met a good number of buyers from the mainland.
The very positive feedback received at these events shows  the increasing interest for our  wines and Greek wine in general, in China.

Grape variety Syrah in Crete, Greece

There is an increasing interest of growers and winemakers  for  this variety  in recent years.


Recipe: Risoto with shrimps

Combines well with Dafnios white dry wine.


ASPROS LAGOS White Dry wine

A unique white wine 100% made from the excellent Cretan Vidiano variety, planted at the outstanding vineyard...


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