Harvesting has already begun in Dafnes'  vineyards. Following the last  year of challenging cultivation because of the mildew, this year seems  to be very promising. The yields look healthy, the weather has cooperated at every level  and we were much encouraged to begin harvest.
Through continuous sampling and assessment, we constantly  trying to identify the level of sugar, acidity and phenolic maturation  of the grapes, in order to define the appropriate time of harvest.
The harvest  began in  August 10th with the varieties Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.
After the celebration of Mary’s assumption on the 15th August, we harvested  the varieties Malvasia, Moschato B. and Liatiko. Part of those grapes where sun dried for the production of sweet wine.
Now we continue the harvest of Vilana and Vidiano while it follows red grapes, such as Kotsifali, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese .
Ιn the end of the period, the last variety will be the red variety Mandilary  and  it all indicates that it will be mature by the15th of September.

How to taste wine - It's an art!

Wine  tasting  is the acquaintance with the wine,  the perception of its character  using our senses. We can say that there are different levels of tasting...


ALARGO White Dry wine

Το κρασί αυτό αποτέλεσε πρόκληση για τον οινοποιό για το πώς θα δουλευτεί και πώς θα εκφραστεί η ποικιλία αυτή στην Κρήτη...


CHARDONNAY White Dry wine

A fruity and refreshing white dry wine made from Chardonnay.


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